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Joannie Feliciano


Regina Paz Lopez


Joannie receiving an "Environmental Award for the ABS-CBN Foundation. She is with colleague, Para Anderson 

Joannie ("Joni") Feliciano is the founder of Media Futures, as the outlet for her collaborative efforts as freehand and graphic artist, writer and recording artist.

As advocate for marine ecosystems and ocean habitats, she uses her experience as a TV producer for features, news and current events in her work as a consultant and Digital Media Strategist. With over 20 years experience in live events, she has a resource pool of International experts on technical, sound and light production, with whom she has collaborated with successfully over the years.


This site was created to accommodate many projects  for corporate clients and private individuals. The production support staff have become her closest friends fostering a family atmosphere at every launch or event.

Joannie serves as the remaining founder and is a consultant to several CEO's and business owners for their digital marketing strategies and audio visual - on air productions.

  • Founder, Joan of Art Solutions

  • Marketing and Creatives - for  Starmatchfund.com

  • Liaison, Associate Director and currently a Volunteer at the 

  •  ABS-CBN Foundation International, USA

  • Advocate for the Environment  and Renewable Energy


          Updated: Oct 2019

Media Futures can help you with the following:

  • Websites and website maintenance

  • Paper and Digital Brochures

  • Logos

  • Brand Promotions

  • Events, Launches, Live Concerts

  • Television Production: Promos, Features, Plugs, News Packages

  • Audio, Voice Overs and Production for Sound Recording

  • Media Buying, Media Planning

  • Consultancy for Non-Profits ( 501c)3 Fundraisers

  • Currently Promoting and Collaborating with Businesses that function and support "Renewable Energy".