Joannie Feliciano


Joannie ("Joni") Feliciano is the founder of Media Futures, a digital multi media outlet as aggregate where her creativity is put to full use as a Director, Producer, writer, recording artist, and at her core, a freehand and graphic artist.

As advocate for marine ecosystems and ocean habitats, she uses her experience as a TV producer for features, news and current events in her work as a consultant and Digital Media Strategist. With over 25 years experience in live events, she has a resource pool of International experts on technical, sound and light production, with whom she has collaborated with successfully over the years.


Joannie is an original member of the Penthouse 7's "Modern Group". She went on to have a successful singing career, winning an Aliw Award and the Grand Prize at the Metropop Music Festival. It was for her shows that she slowly had a more "hands on approach' and eventually headed Lark Entertainment International for the production and management of international events (live and TV) for world leaders and CEO’s such as  the  the Papal Visit in 1992, the G6 State visit 1994, the Young Presidents' Organization International and the Billion Dollar Forum in the U.S.A in 2010, just to name a few. She moved to live in the U.S.A in 2003 after an invitation to train with CNN International in Atlanta and founded mediafutures.biz in 2016 .


With her background in media, television and recording production, she used digital advertising and marketing, in strategies for the promotion of the companies she has worked with. She is closely linked to the ABS-CBN Foundation International as a former Associate Director & is still currently involved as a volunteer fundraiser dedicating herself to continue on with the work that her dear friend, the late Gina Lopez started. 

Joannie is a Managing Director and co-founder of the dance Penthouse 7's You Tube Channel, with production projects done by  Media Futures. She also heads Joan of Art Enterprises LLC, that bridges technology and software systems for several "Business to Business" partnerships not only in the U.S. but for some International Companies.

  • Founder, Joan of Art Enterprises LLC

  • Founder - Penthouse 7 LLC

  • Marketing and Creatives - for  Starmatchfund.com

  • Liaison, Associate Director and currently a Volunteer at the 

  •  ABS-CBN Foundation International, USA

  • Advocate for the Environment  and Renewable Energy




          Updated: Dec  2021